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Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire

Graphic Design

Founded by designer Simon Kenworthy, KnownAim is based in Slaithwaite, in the heart of the picturesque West Yorkshire Pennines. I create design solutions for a range of businesses in and around Huddersfield, Leeds and Manchester and more recently the further reaches of the UK, America and Germany.

With over 12 years industry experience I've worked with a broad range of established clients but have in recent years had the great pleasure to work with a lot of people who are just starting up their first business. This is where my passion lies; in creating a whole new look and feel for a company: a brand.

I start by really getting under the skin of what your company wants to do and who you want to do it for. I will sit down with you and establish who your target market is and how you can best sell your product or services to them. Together we will understand why you created your company in the first place and understand where your passions lie. The more detailed and clearer understanding I can get will lead me to discover what sort of look, style and tone of voice would then be right for your company logo and brand.

We will decide together what assets you then require, often business stationary, signage and a website. Maybe some invitations for a launch night, a look book, menu's or a brochure. We can create marketing campaigns, both online and in print that will then gain you new business and present your services or products to the customers you'd like to acquire.