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Emma O’Connor - Post Office

Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire

Running Slaithwaite Post Office at the heart of the village

The Post Office in Slaithwaite offers a wide range of services, such as posting parcels, an information service, a banking service, passports and much, much more. For some people, the sense of community is its most important asset.

Emma O'Connor shares with us the highlights and challenges of her much loved and appreciated job. "Slaithwaite is an old village that can take care of itself" Emma says. "My favourite part of my job is helping people."

That is one thing the post office certainly does. She also says that the most difficult part of running a Post Office is juggling paperwork and the customer’s needs.

Many readers will have heard about the Horizon scandal. During this time, many Post Mistresses and Masters were accused, erroneously, of accounting errors and even fraud and theft. I asked Emma about this. Emma had personal losses of up to £2000, and believes this could happen again, but the Post Office takes extra steps and measures to try and prevent it.

The Post Office is not closed when Royal Mail strikes, as they are not the same company, however they are still affected.

With the concern of other small villages Post Offices closing, our beloved Post Office is flourishing and there is no concern of it ever shutting down.

Emma tells us that when she first started her job, many people thought she did not know what she was doing, as it was rare to see a woman in this sort of job. She has proven them wrong, as she has successfully run the Post Office for several years. Emma is a wonderful role model for all!

Interview by Niamh Beith
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