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Richard Izzard - Community Leader

Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire

An interview with Richard Izzard, Firefighter and Leader of Slaithwaite Scout Groups

We interviewed Slaithwaite’s Richard Izzard to get some insight into his life as a firefighter and Scout Leader.

First we asked about his scouting experience and he told us that the main reason he became a Scout Leader was because he “enjoyed scouting” and so enjoyed making sure that “other people take part in it” so they can experience the same joy and adventures that he has benefitted from.

Richard told us the story of how he was in Scouts himself when he was younger and was a member of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. He started helping lead the Cubs as a Cub Leader for about two years and carried on as Leader when he turned 18.

When asked what his best experience being a Scout Leader was, Richard responded with “going abroad to Barcelona for five weeks” where he met lots of Scouts from all over the UK and the world and helped around the campsite that held “around 50,000” people.

We also got insight of some challenges that he faced when abroad the main one being the weather as it was, in his words, “ really, really hot during the summer” ending in him having to spend some time in hospital with an infection.

Another challenge he had to overcome was “learning bits of new languages” in order to communicate with a range of people from across the world.

Finally when asked if he had any regrets in Scouting or anything he would have preferred to do differently his answer was simply “no” and that he can see himself doing it further into the future even if it involves his role changing and trying new things such as the world jamboree this year which will take place in South Korea.

Interview by Faith Cawthra
Slaithwaite Explorers

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